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— Can I just say that I actually really hate how the fandom is treating Calliope.


I know that this fandom is really bad for reducing their brilliantly dynamic characters to flat static stereotypes. Trust me, I do.

Kanaya the sassy girl who takes jabs at Eridan, is learning the ways of sarcasm and enjoys reading vampire romance novels is reduced to a fashion expert that lives breathes and sweats Rose Lalonde, Rose Lalonde, Wow Rose Is Sure Amazing Like Wow A Goddess In The Flesh.

John is a prankster and magician in training who loves B-Movies and has a shrine to Matthew Mcconaughey in his room, with a snarky optimistic attitude, and he is reduced to a “Derpy” Nicholas Cage worshipper.

And so on, and so forth.

I want you  to take a moment to think about Calliope from the beginning.

She was very optimistic, very excitable, she likes to follow rules, she likes to play games, she makes the best out of every negative situation that’s thrown at her. She’s passionate about her stories, she’s keen on romance and the happiness of the people she cares about. She dreams of being something else and she goes out and lives that dream.

She said once in passing that she doesn’t think she’s attractive or capable of being loved, and that’s all you guys are paying attention to.

You have reduced her entire character to an insecurity.

One that she’s managing just fine. Her brother openly mocks her insecurities in his artwork, outright telling her that her friends will be happy when she’s dead, and what does she do? She says “He sure likes to get my goat!”

She doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself or cry because she’ll never be pretty. She makes herself pretty and moves on.

This girl DREAMS, she doesn’t WALLOW.

She’s supposed to represent our fandom here. She’s an artist with aspirations who’s so passionate about a story that she loves so much, she wants to live it. Just like us.

Don’t reduce yourself to an insecurity. You are so much more than that.

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